Authenticity Bleeds

The Cost of Authenticity

I recently came across a phrase that made me think a lot. It reminded me of a podcast1 by Naval Ravikant, where he talked about important ideas for making a business successful: "Escape competition through authenticity" and "Take business risks under your name." These ideas hit home because I had thought about them before, but never really acted on them. They show how important it is to be steady and focused on what you're doing, and how taking risks and building trust go hand-in-hand when doing business.

Authenticity: The Ultimate Differentiator

The phrase, "Authenticity Bleeds," means that something genuine, made with hard work and effort, can face challenges and still be "real." But being real also means taking risks and being open to getting hurt. In today's world, where everything is online, putting your name on something is riskier than ever. But even so, there aren't many truly real things out there.

I decided to use this powerful phrase as the title of the first essay on my website. It reminds us of how important it is to be real in business and life, and of the risks and rewards that come with being genuine. In simpler words, this piece encourages us to think about the balance between being open and staying strong, which is key for achieving real success in business and personal growth.

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