Design Detox My Blog

The more I delved into classic internet pieces like this and this, the more I realized that this minimalistic style was a perfect fit for my blog because I have found myself caught in seemingly endless cycle of altering my blog design over the years. Hugo, Jekyll, Zola - I've tried them all.

My tools of choice further cemented this decision. I have been using Emacs for a myriad of tasks - from programming and note-taking to journal writing. Despite the growing popularity of VS Code (and my unsuccessful attempts to jump on that bandwagon, evidence here), I found comfort and efficiency in the familiarity of Emacs and org-mode.

With this makeover, I decided to streamline the process and export my work directly from org-mode. Why make things harder than they should be?

There are several key advantages to this design detox for my blog:

  1. Full Customization Control: I can tweak, twist, and turn any part of my blog just the way I like it. No rules, no restrictions.
  2. Encourages Consistent Writing: Using org-mode is like writing in my diary – cozy, comfortable, and easy.
  3. Echoes the Wisdom of Great Minds: As Aaron Swartz once wrote on his blog, "Becoming a scientific thinker requires practice and writing is a powerful aid to reflection." Writing is not just a form of communication, but also a tool for deeper understanding and self-improvement.

In summary, detoxing the design of my blog wasn't just about a visual makeover. It was about optimizing the process to better reflect my thoughts, making it an extension of my personal and intellectual journey. That's what a personal blog should truly represent.

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